Saturday, February 5, 2005

I feel good <ugh> I knew that I would now

That's right, y'all.  I'm in a good mood.  I feel good.  Mentally, physically, the whole nine.

I really feel like I've turned a corner.

I'm eating better, for one.  I'm not eating as much stuff that makes me feel heavy and yucky.  Here is what I had yesterday:

1 cup raisin Bran Crunch w/ 1% milk
Spinach Omelet (1 egg beater cup, 1/8 cup cheese, 1/8 cup spinach, onion, mushroom and 6 green olives)
1 slice of Canadian bacon


1/2 cup 1% milkfat cottage cheese w/ 1/4 cup fresh blueberries

Big salad (1 cup lettuce, 1/8 cup celery, cucumber, green pepper, red onion, tomato, mushroom & cheese, 1/4 cup grilled chicken and 6 yellow pepper rings) 
Green tea

1 ounce Low fat cheddar cheese
8 green olives
one slice Canadian bacon
Green tea

Diet Dr. Pepper*
Sugar free candy pieces*

One baked chicken breast w/ Italian tomato sauce topped w a slice of mozzerella
1 cup California blend veggies (broccoli, carrots and cauliflour)
Green tea

I caved on the sugar free soda and candy simply because we went to the store and I wanted to reach for all the sugary stuff on impulse.  I was surprised how easily I was going to put the bad stuff in the cart and really had to avoid it.  So instead I compromised.  I'm going to consider this progress.  Eventually I won't even put the cheating stuff in. 

Baby steps.


We also walked a mile yesterday.  My darling Winston decided it was high time to renew his fitness trainer status and would not take no for an answer.  So we went.

As always it's not hard once I just do it.

Anyway I woke up today feeling lighter and better.  I know it's because I'm putting premium gas in the car.


Another interesting observation; I'm not eating hardly anything really.  I'll make stuff beefier with tons of veggies (like the omelet and the salad) so that I can eat just a serving or even a half serving of the protein and be satisfied.

I don't want to eat like I thought I would.  I was prepared to feel deprived but I totally don't (except for the store experience) and I'm eating probably between 1200-1400 calories.


I dunno, I just feel like I have a handle on things.  Bout time, huh? 

Today I'm even consciously taking time just for me.  I'm not going to work, I'm not going to do college stuff.  I may or may not write, everything I do today will be because I want to and not because I need to. 

Normally I made Saturday a free food day, now I'm making it a free time day.

You know what?  It feels SO MUCH BETTER.

Who knew?


I'm thinking of making fajitas tonight - sans tortillas.  I may even throw it on top of a green salad.  So it's not like I'm not going to eat well, I'm just going to eat differently.

You know how I've always had a problem with taking time to cook, therefore I always ate out?  Well I decided that taking time to cook something that is good for me is how I'm going to pamper myself.  I'm going to look at cooking as an act of self love, rather than an obligation.

It really does come down to perception.


We went down to the car lot yesterday to start the paperwork.  I decided I'd see what I could qualify for first rather than get my heart set on something I can't get.  I'm excited to see what options I have.  I may even do that later.  This place is like two blocks away, I may just mosey on down there.

If it doesn't rain anyway.

Again nothing is scheduled.  It's a Ginger day.  With the boys gone off to play I can play music and just chill.

And it feels good.

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sjburgess51 said...

Good for you ... no, really .... good FOR you!
 Glad to hear you are relaxing, best medicine in the world!