Thursday, August 12, 2004

Success at the Restaurant, Failure at the Track

Well my back put up quite the protest this morning so I ditched the morning walk, and with the errands I had to run there was no walk in the evening.  I even forgot to put the odometer on so all the walking I did doing said errands must go uncounted.

Since we were out and about we went out to eat.  I was faced with my first restaurant outing since my decision to cut sugar from my diet.  I went through a LOT of push and pull on what I wanted to have, and what I knew I shouldn't have.  We thought about going to Zookini's but the temptation to have a slice of key lime pie was too great.  Then we thought about Furrs because they do have sugar free desserts, but I decided it was more important to have people wait on me rather than have a sweet treat.  We finally decided on the Cotton Patch because I decided I wanted their Buffalo Chicken Salad.  I had water rather than lemonade, and I did eat one roll but turned down any extra bread baskets.  I didn't even eat all of the salad. 

And I didn't have dessert, even though they had homemade blackberry cobbler with ice cream on top.  THAT is an accomplishment.

But I was very highly rewarded at Walmart a little later when I found my second favorite ice cream, sugar free sweetened with Splenda AND low fat.  So it's all good.

So like I said I had success at the restaurant - and hopefully I'll be back on the track again tomorrow.  It won't be tomorrow morning though, I'm working late tonight.  So I'll walk the big track tomorrow night.  Maybe twice, depending on how my back treats me tomorrow.


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nslieder said...

Hi Ginger,
I really hope your back feels better so you can do your walking.  It's so frustrating when other health problems get in the way of doing what you're trying to do to get healthy!  I've been having a HUGE problem with my migraine headaches lately, and twice this week (including this morning) I had to cancel my workout at CURVES because my head was pounding. I live right near the ocean (a two minute walk away), so if I'm feeling better later I'll go talk a walk there.  The ocean air seems to really help.
I think it's so awesome how much weight you have lost.  And bravo on your successful restaurant trip!  BTW, I love lemonade, too, and have discovered that Wyler's Sugar Free lemonade is great, better than Crystal Light.  When I'm out to eat, I always ask for Pellegrino sparkling water with a slice of lemon.  It's great, and has no sugar or calories!
I just know you're going to get down to your goal, Ginger.  Have a wonderful vacation! When you get back you have to post some pictures for us!
Theresa :-)