Monday, August 23, 2004

Hey Tortoise, Wait Up!

I am exhausted.

I don't know why I'm exhausted, I get plenty of sleep.  But I could totally go back to bed right now. 

My schedule has flipped back to sleeping in the day and being awake at night - that never helps. 

I've been taking pills for my back because it's been giving me grief since we came back from Vegas.  I'm sure that doesn't help.

And yes, the minor introduction of sugar back into the diet (in the form of real lemonade) probably really doesn't help.

Sleeping through my first Monday "Back on Program" didn't help either.


All that energy I had pre-Vegas has evaporated.  It's exasperating.  This is typical of the recovery period after a vacation.  I work so hard, non stop, day to day, that when I get days to myself that I can do what I want when I want, my body wants to continue the life of leisure. 

So I'm back off the sugar.  I'm going to use today to flip over my schedule so that I can be out and walking again tomorrow morning, and include Pilates tomorrow while everyone is at work or school.  I've got my chromium handy.  I'm prepared.

If only the body were willing.  LOL

It may also be a hormonal thing, PMS is not my greatest friend. 

I think maybe a week of cleansing my diet with salads might help too.  I've wanted to do that anyway for a while now.  It always seems to help. 

I've got too much to do to feel this tired.

Wake me when it's tomorrow.


1 comment:

journey2sarah said...

Sugar crash from the lemonade.  Sugar will make you so sleepy!