Monday, August 9, 2004

Day One of the 10,000 Step a Day Program

And we fizzled out at 5858 steps.  I only walked once today because of errands we had to run and a lasagna that went horribly awry.  Tomorrow is a new day and I'm going to definitely walk twice tomorrow.

Today was a mall day.  I'm becoming such a mall rat.  New shoes, new danglies and even another $6 shirt from Pennys.  It was a lacey tank top good for very hot temps - can you say 100+ degree weather?  I knew that you could.

Can I just say how jazzed I am that I can fit into stuff I buy at a regular department? 

And I know now why I've developed a sudden interest in clothes and shoes.  I now care about how I look.  I feel like I look better so I want to look as best I can.  I have some great outfits for the trip, I'm going to be so stylish.  I even have my eye on another new outfit at the new smaller size there at Lane Bryant.  Used to be I couldn't even fit into those clothes, I could only buy the catalog stuff.  So that I can go to a store like that and really dress up nicely really makes me happy.  More than happy.

I even tried on these high super sexy shoes with dangly jewels on the straps.  It was cool because it zipped in the back instead of latched and they were totally killer shoes.  I stood up and realized, I haven't lost *that* much weight because they weren't very comfortable to walk in. 

But they're good goal shoes.

Steven had a great first day on the job.  Go check out his journal where he posted about it.  Now that he works a sane schedule he'll probably be posting more.

And you can all thank my best friend Jeff for the following link.  You'll never fold clothes the same way again.

I have watched it numerous times and I have done it numerous times but I still don't understand how it works.  Go grab a t-shirt and be prepared to be amazed.

Meanwhile it's time to hit the hay and get ready for another great walking day.




sjburgess51 said...

Dear Gin,
 I just read Steven's journal ... how wonderful!  As I told him, isn't God good to answer our prayers?  
 Sounds as if things are on the upswing for you two and I am so happy for you!  God bless you both!

perryb178 said...

I too share your new found excitement for clothes and shoes.  I used to throw away clothing catalogs (regular sizes) thinking they're not for me.  Now I know they will be I look at every page!  I now get into some 18's and "regular" ladies XL!  What a thrill.  Have'nt been there in years!  I even bought some "regular" ladies L ( they were a bit tight, but I know I'll be fitting into them soon!), on clearance at Target (3.-9.00 woo-wooo! Just in styles and colors I love.  God is really blessing me!)  I also bought acrylic platforms with a dangling heart and key charm on the ankle strap to wear next year at my daughters wedding!  I knew I'd never find ones I liked better so I grabbed them.  My husband joked that I will be wearing glass slippers!  I bought one of those under the bed flat storage bins to hold my summer sandals.  But since I  seemed to have become a sandal-holic unfortunately it barely held half, (OY!), so it was back to the store for more storage solutions!  I love my almost 130 year old house but one thing unfortunately that they must not have needed back then was closet space!  I have only lost another pound or so, but more inches.  The best thing was a couple days ago my 12 year old son said to me "Mom, you're getting younger every day!"  Hope you have a wonderful trip.  Love DB