Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Long day

I ended up working 14 hours yesterday, I never got out of this chair.  And I feel it.  Both in mind and body.

I did get four pages written yesterday though.

Today's the sixth anniversary of the day Steven and I met.  He wants to take me out to eat.  I'm seriously debating on if this is a good idea.  We also wanted to go out on Saturday - which I've given myself as free days.  Saturday is Dan's birthday so I was going to get everyone out of the house all day to help make it a day of celebration instead of a day of sadness. 

I just don't know if my "diet" can tolerate another night out.

I mean, I can go out - I know how to order and to get what is best for me.  My inclination of doing so is shot all to hell, since I've been so undisciplined lately.

Maybe this is just the test I need. 

Or maybe we can save money and calories and just stay home LOL

Life is full of choices, isn't it?

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