Thursday, March 31, 2005

It's no April Fools....

I signed up for Swim Classes.  They start Tuesday and run for four weeks, two lessons a week.  I'm scared out of my wits, but I done dood it. 

After that we went to walk the mall but never made it out of Penneys.  I realized that some sizes just don't fit as well at some stores as they do in others.  At Lane Bryant and Walmart a 22/24 fits me just fine.  At Penneys, it's a tight squeeze.  Given I was buying clothes for my sister's birthday trip in April, this was quite depressing.

It depressed her too, so now I have a gym buddy.  I'm going to need one.  I've decided to go on a three month boot camp culminating in a trip to New York City to see Hal Sparks perform at Carolines.  I was only going to go if I sold a script, but turns out I'll have the money to do it anyway so I'm gonna. 

So what does Ginger's Boot Camp entail? 

Simple.  Jorge Cruise on AOL says to eat smaller more frequent meals in order to get that metabolism working.  So I'm going to eat five times a day, but I'm only going to take in 1500 calories.  250 on the four meals and 500 at dinner.  Everything is allowed, I just have to make it fit into that schedule.

And I get Saturdays off.  Saturdays I get to eat out if I'm going to.  Saturdays I get to drink if I'm going to.  Saturdays are a free day, even exercise.

Otherwise, I'm going to be my own drill sargeant.

Here's my schedule, six times a week:

Walk 30 mins per day
Stationary bike 30 mins per day
Eliptical trainer, 5 mins a day (gotta start somewhere...)
Weight Lifting, 30 mins per day

This, for me, will burn 2lbs of fat per week in activity alone.

Add that to swimming two days a week, and you have a pretty decent little workout. (someone pass me a paper bag... the thought of swimming still makes me hyperventilate)

My goal is to lose 40lbs of fat in 12 weeks.  This may not all show up on the scale (building muscle, etc) but I expect to see a size 20 when it's all said and done.  I have a goal and I'm going to meet it.  I haven't seen a size 20 in 15 years.

What this means is I'm goingto hit the gym tomorrow and weigh in on the body comp scale.  (Not looking forward to that)  I'm also going to do photos for the journal (not looking forward to that either - I may or may not publish the bathing suit photos... bear with me), which I will update every first of the month.  I'm also going to blog every day to keep myself motivated. 

I will not go back to where I was.  I do not deserve that life.  It is not hard to do what is right, it is hard to undo what was wrong.   


deveil said...

good luck on the swim classes, I used to teach them at the y,  Congradulations on the great job you've already done, you look great!


candlejmr said...

YIPPEE!!! You go girl!  Just think, you'll be doing laps before you know it!  Another exercise idea.  I LOVE water aerobics.  And you don't have to know how to swim to do it!  Once you get in that pool, you may never want to get out!

s0ngbird1962 said...

I admire your perserverence in this battle with your weight.  Fighting the good fight over here too.  Did Atkins a year ago, lost 23 lbs, but heart palpitations began, so I stopped.  Then because I thought I could do it on my own, I did nothing... Put all the weight on, plus 10 lbs.  Two weeks ago I joined WW's, so far so good...  Have decided I need support, can't do this alone.  I'll be back to read about your journey to weight loss, best wishes...  

gabby53a said...

YEA! You rock Ginger. I'm so glad you signed up for yhe swimming lessons. It's one of the best exercises that is easy on joints, knees, etc. And I love swimming cuz it's like being a feather, floating in the water.