Wednesday, March 9, 2005

Call off the hounds... I'm here

These last few days have been hectic. 

On Friday my writer friend gets ahold of me, I think I was on page 72 on my rewrite at that point, and he says the producer wants to see the story set in Romania... like my lead character Adele, who is a reporter, is sent there on assignment.  While there she starts feeling like she's been there before, and that uncovers her past life.  For those of you who've read the story, you know what that past life entails.

At first I was kinda nauseated.  I had just put in a lot of work to get to page 72, and I realized that rewriting it with this in mind would have to change a lot of stuff.  Having her mother, her best friend and her history in the town she grew up in factored in heavily to key scenes.  By putting her in Romania, I really had to orchestrate why she'd have the same interaction.  It's not just a matter of saying ok, she's in Romania now.

Anyway I brainstormed it a bit and finally came up with some drastic changes to the story I could get excited about.  It's still the same premise but the drama is amped up a LOT, which I love.  All that was left to do was write it.

The problem is, I was scared out of my mind.  This is the closest I've come to getting legitimate interest in something I've written.  My writer friend was pushing me, saying this producer has $$ and wants to make a script.  Get that thing rewritten to him and fast and I have a legitimate shot at selling this thing.

I was bewildered by his confidence, given he'd read the first draft of this script and hated it.  But he believes in my writing and that's what he was talking up to the producer.  He even told me that this was the producer who wanted to help him with his script, but changed his mind and wanted a low budget horror movie about vampires instead.  "Bad for me, but good for you," my friend said.

So I basically had to get it through my mind that I *COULD* do this, I deserve this shot and I really can make it happen enough to bulldoze through the next rewrite.

And bulldoze I did.  From Friday to Tuesday I wrote 112 pages.  The draft is done.  I sent the pages over to my friend who called me and told me that they are the best pages he's ever read from me and I needed to send that over to the producer NOW.

So that's what I did.  Now we're just waiting.

Needless to say with this kind of deadline all my writing was preserved for the script and that's why I haven't been here. 

The problem is, I haven't necessarily been on program either.  I've had good days and I've had bad days.  I carved out time to walk on Monday, so I got a mile in.  I started to go yesterday but Winston's leg was hurting so I used that as an excuse to stay home and write. 

I also overate yesterday and Monday.  It's easy to do when you don't watch what you're eating.  It shows I've been off program for so long that eating within plan is no longer second nature.  I'm going to have to work at it.

But I'm not going to beat myself up.  Life happens, we're not always perfect.  The key to success isn't never falling, it's to pick yourself up when you do.  So here I am.

I'm going to go get dressed so I can drive Steven to work.  Maybe I'll take the kids to the zoo or something today to get some exercise in.  Make it fun.  I haven't yet found a workout buddy, the kids don't want to go and Michelle can't go.

The only other alternative is to go to the gym by myself.


That's a big step.

A tiny footnote... it's interesting to me how fate aligned itself with my perception.  When I started to declare I was worth good things, good things started happening. 

So we'll keep it up. I like this positive direction my life is taking.

And I'm worth it.


candlejmr said...

CONGRATULATIONS!  That's great news!  Make sure you let us know when your big movie deal goes through.  

patchmom said...

How wonderful for you!! That is very exciting news. : ) It was worth taking a break from the weight loss stuff for a while. Now you need to get back in gear so that you will look great on stage at the Academy Awards. (I think they had the writers all stand on stage this year?) Congratulations and best wishes!

sv135obpa said...

Fantastic Ginger,  I was getting worried about you not journalling.  All my love,  MOM 2  XXXOOO

jeff466 said...

I know you can do this :)  

Don't forget me when you are a big Hollywood hotshot-I have incriminating pictures for my tell all book-I'm on page 82 already LOL!

Good luck in dealing with the people you are dealing with :)  

I cant wait to read it after you get done with the rewrite(s)!  Jeff