Thursday, December 30, 2004

A New Day

Ok, plenty of stuff to do today. 

Burn off 1000 calories either by exercise or caloric intake
Take Winston for another walk at the park (he nearly jumped out of his puggy skin)
GO TO THE GYM... darnit.  LOL
Get the laundry done
Get the house in order.
Get my hours of work in
Edit My Immortal
Manage to get through the day without a nap

I think that's enough for now. LOL

Catch y'all later.

1 comment:

pinkplumeria82 said...

Hi Ginger!
Your list looks just like mine!! lol
Only I have just always wished I had a pug to walk.. :)
If we lived in the same city we could become gym buddies! I hear you on the naps.. I have been taking them all WEEK! They are great and all but I seem ot never really wake up from them so from then on out I get NOTHING done.. hehe