Monday, December 13, 2004

Hazy Sunday

I realized yesterday I hadn't taken my medication that the doctor gave me for a day or so and my wrist started twinging.  Last night, late last night, I took one.  Once I finally went to bed after working all night, I woke up so groggy I could barely pull it together to do the listings I had to do much less pull my act together to get to the gym.  I was so tired I couldn't even spell gym.  I started spelling phonetically.  Did you know that blue could be spelled bloo?  LOL

Anyway so I didn't do much of anything except work and brainstorm a bit on the novel.  Some exciting stuff in store.  More on the myspace blog.

I'm sure there's some brilliant insight I could give regarding the weight loss journey/self reflection and motivation but I'm not feelin it.  I'll leave you with my tip and stats.  I'm feeling in control even without the exercise because I just haven't wanted to eat.  I'll eat but I'm not wanting to scarf.  Considering I've been fighting an uphill battle not to fill my emotional voids with food, I think it's a good thing.  Little victories all add up.

Tip of the Day: EXERCISE MOVE your body every day! There is NOTHING wrong with exercising at the level that you are capable of each day, and increasing your duration, intensity and frequency as you get more fit! Do what you can or someday you may not be able to!

(ironic, no?)


Calories: 1770
Fat: 32%
Sat. Fat: 11%
Fiber: 20g
Calcium: 1212mg
Sodium: 4588mg
Water: 48oz
Exercise: None

DAILY AFFIRMATION:  A ship in the harbor is safe, but that's not what ships were made for.  (I love this quote)

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