Friday, December 10, 2004

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Tonight we didn't make it to the gym but we got our exercise in anyway by going to our city's artwalk.  Every second Thursday of the month the Center for Contemporary Arts hosts an artwalk, and tonight was, naturally, Christmas themed.  Both kids bugged out so it was just Steven and I, and it was a really romantic evening as we walked through downtown, listening to carolers singing on the corner and enjoyed the various things there are to see and do on artwalk.

At the Center for Contemporary Arts they had two choruses, one mixed and one men only.  It sounded great.  They had tons of goodies out also, I had some cheese and nuts and cookies, and by some I mean very little, we're talking a bite of each.  I also had some eggnog, which I normally never drink but this time it felt right.  When the chorus broke into O Holy Night (my favorite Christmas carol) I nearly broke down into tears.  It was just so nice.

I love the artwalk, getting to see all the different exhibits is really cool.  And this time we even went to The Historic Paramount Theatre, which is a historic landmark and exceptionally cool, to see "Hero".  Cuddled there in that majestic place was really good for Steven and I.  Most of our courtship was in a theater somewhere, so being able to do this was so good for us.

We're going to see Miracle on 34th Street (the original) on the 17th.  It should be really great.

Even though I kept my eating under control at the artwalk (and I'm just so proud of how I did keep it under control) I ended up getting Chinese for dinner.  That took me over even when my calories were really low heading out for the evening.  But I'm not going to fret over it too much.  Everything in moderation, I didn't overeat and I certainly walked it off.  We'll be back to the gym on Saturday and everything will be fine.  Considering I gained 9lbs of muscle and lost nearly 4lbs of fat last month even when I got distracted by the holidays, I think I can trust my own judgment.

Hallelujah for Tanita fat analyzing scales is all I can say.  Had I stepped onto a regular scale and saw a six pound gain I'd have likely shot myself.

Or at least let my eating habits go right to hell.

Right now I feel in control.  Of the eating, of the exercise and now of my writing career and finances.  I filled out an application tonight to take down to the City tomorrow for a very good position that's open.  It pays comparable to what I make now - even a little bit more considering I haven't gotten bonuses since about September.  I feel good about my chances.  The only strike against me is the fact I don't have a drivers license, I just hope that's not a requirement for the position.  So y'all cross your fingers and say a prayer.  A full time job with the City on salary with benefits could be a very good thing.

And as for the writing, not only did I find eight agencies to hit up regarding the book, I found out that Abilene has a Writers Guild.  They meet every month down at the Center for Contemporary Arts and have contests and events.  What a great way to network - and I think I'm finally ready for it.

Speaking of networking, I'm enjoying my Myspace experience.  I met a DJ from San Diego who, as of tomorrow, will be going up on a crane to raise toys for hospitalized kids.  AJ's Playhouse on Channel 933  Any of you guys reading in San Diego make sure you go drop off a toy, he's not coming down until they raise 40,000.  Imagine all those happy kids' faces when they get that present they weren't expecting.

If that won't put you in the Christmas spirit, nothing will. 


I know when I eat I sometimes think I'm doing something wrong.  This couldn't be further from the truth.  We have to make peace with the reality of eating and actually turn it around and make it work for us.  The fact is, you can eat well, be satisfied and still lose weight.  The trick is to eat smaller meals more frequently.  That way, every time you eat you're actually revving your metabolism and making your body work more efficiently.  So don't skip meals to "catch it up" later.  This leads to binging and overeating.  Eat smaller meals, keep your engine running and realize every bite you take can and should be a step in the thinner direction.


Calories: 2051
Fat: 44%
Sat. Fat: 12%
Fiber: 22g
Calcium: 1452mg
Sodium: 4021mg
Exercise: Walked about an hour overall, steady pace

DAILY AFFIRMATION:  My destiny is in my control, my happiness in my own grasp.


sjburgess51 said...

Hi Gin,
 OK, next on the list is to get you a driver license.  You KAIN'T live in big ol Texas and not drive!  How we ever gonna meet in Daaaalasssss or Foat Wurth for conferences?  ;)   Notice how well we natives speak thu language?
See yall later!

kerlane74 said...

I just wanted to let u know what an inspiration u are to me. I read your journal every day just never posted before. Guess in a way wasn't sure what to say.  I just want u to know I look up to u. I am on the weight loss journey too.  I just realize I need to take it day by day.  I can see such a transformation in ur pics. I hope to see one in me one day. I am only 4'11" so the weight shows on me bad.  But I am trying. Thank you for sharing ur ups and downs with us.  It just makes me realize if u can do it. I can do it too.  
Love and Hugs,

sasonalmah said...

The aret walk sounds like something I would love to do!


missparie86 said...

Hey Ginger! Just stopped in to see how things were goin for ya! And they seem to be moving along quite nicely. I haven't read in a while but I'm glad I got the chance to catch up today. I am also happy to see that scales are no longer making or breaking your moods. You are making awesome progress. Doin big things! And I am happy for you and very proud of you. And you are in my prayers, I hope everything goes well. I'm off to pick my mother up from work. But take care and enjoy the rest of your day!