Sunday, July 10, 2005

"It is what it is."

That was my mantra today.  Not going to beat myself up for going backward, just going to accept the consequences of my actions and know that no matter what it is, it'll be changing.

Ironically I chose the debut of Celebrity Fit Club 2 to renew my own weight loss journey.

So I'm changing the title of the blog to indicate that I'm in the (Almost) Celebrity Fit Club.

Ok so, the pictures are self evident.  I decided to wear a snug fitting T-shirt so the next time I take photos, we'll better see any tiny changes.  I couldn't find one of my Cancun T-shirts so I chose Tweety. 

The good news - I can see that my body composition has changed.  The girth isn't just laying there anymore, it's actually changing and getting some tone and moving upward.  So that means the muscle underneath is doing something, and that's good.

The scale was a lot less forgiving.

It was 301 lbs and 3 oz. 

Not happy to have broken back over that particular barrier, but it's going to be a non issue as of next week. 

It is what it is, but it won't be as of next Saturday. 

Here are the measurements:

Bust: 47"
Waist: 42"
Hips: 49"
Middrift: 44"
Girth: 54"
Thigh: 26"

I'm now a size 26, but just barely.  Again, I expect that to change within a week.


Today I'm up to like 1300 calories.  I'm *aspiring* to 1500 per day, but I'm going to give myself as much as 1700.  I'm on my third 24oz bottle of water.  Doing the fitday thing, took my vitamins, everything is on schedule.

As for activities I got in 6975 steps in so far.  I bought a jumprope a few weeks ago, and so I am going to break that in a little later tonight.  Gonna break that 10,000 step thing one way or the other.

And jumping rope kicks your butt.  I tried it out last night and I think I made it to like nine. 

I can't believe I used to do this as a kid.  I remember even doing that Heart Association marathon in the fifth grade.

Ah well.  Practice makes perfect right?

First Day - On Course.

Feels good.



dolcecaramela05 said...

I am thinking tooo about reassessing my journal. you look good, and i def. feel u on the whole body composition thing, i felt the same way


thickivoryfemale said...

Ginger, no worries. I have faith in you. Atleast you know what to do, and know that you need to do it to meet your goals. Most people have a lot of trouble realizing that you actually may have to work hard, lol I know I did.
And as for the picture with Hal Sparks, you really need to stop beating your self up about that. Honestly girl, I think you looked beautiful. You are glowing with a smile from ear to ear. You must have been on cloud 9.
P.S, I met Peter Paige Hal's Co-star a few years back. I too was on cloud nine.

Stay strong,