Monday, July 11, 2005

I Done Dood It

You all know that I work selling celebrity photos on ebay with my sister.  Well, I bought some photos of Hal Sparks to donate to another Hal fan so that he could sign them, she could auction them and raise money for her various charitable causes.

So today she writes me and tells me that they're going to do the AIDS Walk in LA, and if I had the time and inclination, would I like to go?

It's a 6.2 mile walk.  It's in October.  And it's for charity.

I've often said that God speaks to us in three ways: coincidence, confirmation and the brick.

Methinks this was a brick.

So I signed up.  I'm gonna do it.

What better goal could I have for my health, rather than a stupid number on a scale, than me being able to walk 6.2 miles?

I'm psyched. 

And that it's for such a good cause, even better.

The only variable is getting to LA, but I don't even consider that a problem.  By hook or by crook I'll get there.

The second part of this growth experiment is for me to ask others for help.  I need sponsors.  I set a goal of $1000.  I'm not good asking for help, so this is the hardest part for me. 

So to all you lovely people who want to help sponsor me in this huge endeavor, here's the link:

2005 AIDS Walk Los Angeles - General Donation

I figure if a hundred people give me $10, I'll have my goal.

As for my goals today, eh.  I did the eating thing no problem but I've had such a headache all day that the activity was out.

I don't have that luxury anymore... I now have to train to walk 6.2 miles. 

Guess it's time to go hit up Abel at the gym for some money and some training.

I'm going to AIDS Walk LA.

(If you want to join, that's even better.  Details should be on the page.  Let's do this together!!)


sasonalmah said...

This sounds like something GREAT that you are doing both for yourself, and for others!  You go girl!


loriewhitaker197 said...

I'm so happy that you decided to join us!! :)  I'm in training as well (and loosing weight--lord knows I've got enough of it to loose. ;)  ).  So far, it's taking me 30 mins to walk a mile.  Not too bad. ;)  Just think of all those calories you'll burn during the walk!!! :)  And about all the friends you will make as well. :)