Thursday, May 19, 2005


I guess I'm still recovering from my vacation.  From the sun exposure to all the activity, I'm wore out.  The idea is to eat better until I can get my stuff together to exercise.

With 90 degree heat here I'm not real motivated.

Time to start the vitamins again.

Some good news.  The Director Guy sent me a one-sheet (or poster) for the movie.

I'll take that as a good sign.

Now to finish that and get at least one thing behind me.

I also get to finish my classes this week.  There are new classes Monday.

Back to the grind. :)


gabby53a said...

I'm really glad you had a good time on your mini-vacation. Reading your journal, I can see you made great advancements in getting past your fears. I'm so proud of you.

sjburgess51 said...

Hi Gin!
 Had a great time looking at the "journey to Cancun" photos!  Looks as if you had a wonderful time!  Glad you didn't totally cook!!  Wish I had been thinking quicker, I could have sent you some sunscreen samples.  They're easy to carry in your luggage.  
 Glad you're back!
Jeannie  :)

derasta said...

Thanks for sharing those pictures here with was fun looking thru all of them and seeing the good time you had...